Yeti tandem 3

Light tandem EN A

Fun, unlimited

The size 37 is ideal for pilots who fly with their families, with a minimum total weight of 90kg even small children can be accomodated. Naturally, the smaller size will suit hike ‘n fly pilots too.

For pros who demand light

The size 41 is particularly suited for commercial pilots who wish to use a lightweight wing and for heavier pilots and passengers.


For pros who demand light

The size 41 is particularly suited for commercial pilots who wish to use a lightweight wing and for heavier pilots and passengers.


Designer notes

Gin Seok Song shares the design story of the Yeti Tandem:

Gin explains: “More and more commercial tandem pilots want to enjoy the benefits of lightweight wings and the Yeti Tandem 3 is aimed at these pilots. Besides this, many general pilots simply like to fly tandem with family and friends. We wanted to make a very easy wing for these pilots that would be both fun to fly and convenient to transport.

Our aim was to make the flying experience as close as possible to that of flying a solo wing. The improved 2nd generation EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) profile makes take-off easier than ever before. Inflation is effortless and the wing stops above your head without shooting. Getting airbourne is super fast, no need to run a lot. Forward or reverse launches are equally stress-free, just give a gentle pull and off you go.

In the air, the wing has a compact feel with soft yet precise handling – you will want to fly for hours and the excellent glide performance means you can really cover some distance.

Longer flights are also much less tiring due to the shorter risers, which mean the pilot’s arms are closer to the brake handles.

Many pilots want to fly with their kids these days so we made sure that the Yeti Tandem flies really well also at lower weights in the weight range. The long 10cm trim also allows a great deal of flexibility to fly comfortably at different wing loadings and in a variety of flying conditions.

Using technology trickled down from our other recent wings, we also improved the passive security and this is reflected in the EN A certification.

The glider even feels like a solo wing when you transport it. Using lightweight construction techniques and production methods, we were able to achieve a glider weight of just 4.8kg, almost a kilo lighter than its predecessor and more compact than many standard solo wings.”

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Flat area (m2)3740.95
Flat span (m)14.0714.80
Flat aspect ratio5.355.35
Projected area (m2)31.2634.60
Projected span (m)11.0811.66
Projected aspect ratio3.973.93
Chord (m)3.243.41
Number of cells4949
Glider weight (kg)4.85.4
Weight range (kg)90-190120-208
CertificationEN AEN B


  • 2nd generation Equalised Pressure Technology (EPT) for greater stability and improved handling
  • Lightweight Dyneema riser and Dyneema spreaders
  • Optional standard weight 20mm webbing riser
  • Lightweight, high quality materials
  • Supplied with the lite 90L rucksack or any other rucksack from the GIN range


Canopy cloth

Upper surface leading edge: Porcher Skytex 32g/m²

Upper surface: Porcher Skytex 27g/m²

Lower surface: Porcher Skytex 27g/m²


Bainbridge 4mm dyneema as standard (optional extra 1: 12mm Kevlar) (optional extra 2: Güth & Wolf 20mm polyester)


Upper: Edelrid 8000/U-090 | 070 (Aramid)

Middle: Edelrid 8000/U-360 | 230 | 190 (Aramid)

Main: Edelrid 8000/U-230 | 190 | 130 | 090 (Aramid)

Recommended harnesses

The Yeti Xtrem 2 harness is not recommended for use with tandem rescue systems.

If in doubt please seek the advice of your instructor or other qualified paragliding professional who knows your flying.


EN test report


Included with your glider