Welcome to AirVentures School of Paragliding in Port Elizabeth

Here we offer the following

  • Basic license course
  • Advanced license course
  • Winch conversions
  • Safety manouvers over water (comming soon)
  • Equipment sales (Gin Gliders)
  • Tours and Flyaways

Basic License Course

The Basic license course is started in the class room with the theory and paper work. Course application forms and Indemnity forms must be completed in full before flying. The theory usually takes about 3 hours to complete. There is a basic license exam you will need to pass, but this must be done in your own time.

The following weekend we will meet at Maitlands river mouth beach and start the equipment orientation. We will lay out the equipment and go through all the components. This is followed by a short demonstration by the instructor on the two launching options. After a good practice session of running around with the glider we will proceed up the sand dunes. Here we will practice our take off and landing. You will get your feet about 2 to 3 meters off the ground and the short flight will take about 10 to 15 seconds. You will also get to practice your left and right turns. You will usually need to complete around five of these dune skimming flights until you are competent and confident in the air.

Once you are done with the dune skimming we will procede up to the top of Maitlands Hill or up to Lady Slipper for your first high flight. The first few high flights will need to be completed in calm conditions. Once you are comfortable in the high flight we can start soaring flights with all the other students. here you will be able to fly with all the other students and club members.

You will need to complete at least 35 solo flights and pass the written exam. You will also need to complete basic manouvers in the air. All your flights will be under supervision and there will be radio contact from the instructor. The course fee includes the equipment hire for the duration of the course.

Course fee is R 12 500.

This includes the R 400 for SAHPA (South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Assoc. 6 month student membership) and the R 230 Club membership to Hawkwind HG and PG Club for 1 year.

 Advanced license Course

Once you have over 100 flights you can begin your Sports / Advanced license. This will allow you to fly a higher rated glider and fly some of the more advanced sites around the country. There is a more advanced exam to pass and more complex manouvers to complete. These include approach to spin, approach to stall, frontal collapse and “B” line stall.

We are working on a boat with a winch so we can offer these courses over fresh water. Watch this space.

Winch Conversions

With most pilots only being trained from mountains, we are now offering a conversion to winch train those pilots. We have a winch bolted to the vehicle and a boat option comming soon. We currently winch train at Uitenhage airport and Paradice Beach airstrip. Both are un manned air fields so we have no problems with air traffic. We how ever have an airband radio in the winch vehicle to broadcast our intentions.

Safety manouvers over water (comming soon)

As said above we are working on a winch boat. This will allow the pilot to complete the manouvers with the knowledge of a safe water landing in the event of anything going wrong. Here we are able to do Full Stalls, Negative Spins and Reserve deployments. We are also able to offer Acrobatic training and practice.

Equipment Sales

AirVentures Paragliding is very proud to be the South African agent for Gin Gliders Inc. We are able to offer the full Gin range of Gliders, Harnesses, Reserves and a full clothing range for Gents and ladies.