Fluid 2

Expert speedflying

Fluid 2: now with increased range

The Fluid 2 is a high performance wing for expert and competition speedflyers and speedriders.

A versatile wing—for all seasons

The original Fluid dominated international speedriding competition from its launch in 2009. The Fluid 2 retains this skiing heritage, but is now also suitable for advanced speedflying. The glide ratio and take-off behaviour have been significantly improved, due to developments made in many areas: the profile, line concept and internal construction. The result is that the wing’s field of use is wider than ever before.

Wide speed range

The Fluid 2 has a wide speed range thanks to the advanced trim system (-2cm to +8cm). Whether diving or gliding, the Fluid 2 gives you the max!

A real swooping talent

Thanks to its precise handling, high maximum speed and high performance, the Fluid 2 is a real swooping talent. The Fluid 2 has been through a long period of development—we love the result and we’re confident you will too.

Technical Specifications

Flat area (m2)8.59.511
Flat aspect ratio3.83.83.8
Number of cells252525
Glider weight (kg)
Pilot levelextreme expertexpertexpert /advanced
Load testEN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1

Supplied with speed flying fast packing bag



Canopy cloth

Upper surface: Dominico 3RS ME

Lower surface: Dominico 3RS ME