Genie X-Alps

Ultralight XC EN/LTF/CE

Ultralight XC

The Genie X-Alps harness is an ultra-light cocoon harness aimed at XC adventure and hike ‘n fly pilots, or regular XC pilots who simply wish to fly in comfort and travel light.

All-terrain XC Adventure

The Genie X-Alps is well suited to adventures in wild places. Its stable geometry is ideal for modern intermediate and high performance gliders flown in challenging mountain conditions. Comfort on long flights is first class—the harness adapts to the pilot’s body shape due to the hammock principle, and the substantial foam back protector helps to distribute the load over a wide area of the back.

Fit and simplicity

The fit of a harness is one of the most important aspects for comfort, safety and performance. The range of 6 sizes gives you the best possible fit without the need for complicated adjustments.

State-of-the-art lightness

The Genie X-Alps is one of the lightest harnesses of its kind. It is also strong and easy to pack and carry. As with any lightweight equipment, a technical understanding of the product is necessary to obtain the longest possible period of use. Handle the harness with care and avoid dragging it on rough ground.


Weight of harness: 2.4 kg (M size with carbon foot plate, including certified 14cm back protection)


The Genie X-Alps is based on the harness used by GIN athletes in the X-Alps race, but with additional features for comfort, convenience and safety. The Genie X-Alps is constructed from a high-strength Dyneema ripstop fabric and features a substantial 14cm moussebag and an integrated front rescue container / flight deck. It’s available in 6 sizes, ensuring optimum fit and simple adjustment.

Technical Specifications

Pilot height (cm)155-165160-170165-175170-180175-185180-190

The height information in the table is for guidance only.


  • new ABS webbing system offers greater stability both in rough air and also after collapses
  • improved airbag pre-inflation
  • lightweight buckles with anti-forget system
  • G-chute (drag parachute) pocket
  • first class airbag protection (20G)
  • underseat rescue container
  • hydration pack (camelbak) pocket with routing and hole
  • radio pocket routing
  • 2 side pockets
  • zipped inner back pocket for storage of rucksack etc
  • GIN Triplex seat board for durability and light weight
  • delivered with seat board, GIN carabiners, rescue deployment handle, rescue Y-bridle (sewn-in)


Automatic aluminium carabiners have a limited lifetime due to metal fatigue. They must be replaced after 5 years or 500 flight hours, whichever is soonest. They should never be used between spreaders and tandem wing risers as main carabiners. They should also never be used to connect rescue systems.