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Ultra light tandem




Ultra-Light and Ultra-Easy Tandem… The success of Yeti concept continues...
Gin Gliders bring you the Yeti Tandem: light, compact, safe and easy, but also a pleasure to fly with good performance.

> Yeti Tandem size: 38
> Yeti Tandem wing only (wing, spreaders, and light rucksack)
> Yeti Tandem package (wing, spreaders, light rucksack, carabiners and 2 Yeti harnesses)


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Tested by an Alpine Master...
The famous alpinist Erhard Loretan (3rd person to conquer the 14 x 8000m summits) has flown the Yeti for 3 years, and was the first pilot to receive the Yeti Tandem, 4 months before the official launch:
"I love it: it is easy, light and super-reliable; you can be confident under the Yeti Tandem! Believe me in the high mountains it is very important to trust your equipment, especially when you have a passenger. You need the confidence to take-off and land easily and safely in all conditions. It's so stable in turbulent air, you fly better and feel less stressed, so able to concentrate on other matters, and enjoy your flight much more."

The Yeti Tandem is not just a glider made from lightweight fabric...
Each component has been designed to offer a complete technical lightweight solution to tandem flying.

The canopy:
• Quality of flight: When you're flying from high mountains on a tandem it's important to have an easy inflation and a quick take off. The Yeti tandem does not overfly during the inflation, and needs just a few steps to become airborne; it puts the pilot and passenger in charge immediately. In flight, the Yeti Tandem has the same performance as most "high performance" tandem gliders. The handling is direct, fast and precise. It flies very well at low speeds and is easy to land in very tight areas, even with a high wing loading.

• The weight: the Yeti tandem weighs just 7 kg.
• We've used a mix of Dyneema and Aramid suspension line for the best compromise between lightness, strength and durability.
• 100% Porcher fabrics: chosen for the best compromise between lightness and strength.
• Reinforcements: we've used special materials chosen for their light weight.
• Like the Yeti, the sewing margins have been carefully reduced.
• The lightest tandem risers on the market, but stronger than standard risers!
• Lines and risers are connected with Peguet Stainless Steel Maillons Rapide from France.
• The Yeti tandem is LTF 1-2 certified, see the certification report here.

The spreaders:
• We spent a long time developing the tandem spreader to be able to pass our own external laboratory tests and then the DHV certification load test. They feature individual bridles with Peguet 5mm Stainless Steel Maillons Rapides to connect to your rescue system. The spreaders are linked with the lightest tandem risers on the market, but stronger than standard risers!
• The weight: 0.25kg

The harness carabiners:
• If you order the Yeti tandem package, your 2 harnesses will be delivered with Gin Gliders 30mm Zicral self locking carabiners (1000 DAN individually tested), weight 68g each.
• If you prefer, we can deliver Stainless Steel Maillons Rapides custom made by Peguet for Gin Gliders, weighing just 26g each.

The harnesses:
• Our yeti harness features opening leg straps buckles, so putting the harness on with skis or crampons is very easy. 2 harnesses are delivered with the Yeti Tandem Package.

The light weight ruscksack:
• We have designed a special rucksack for the Yeti tandem. It is ultra-light of course, but designed to comfortably carry the Yeti tandem equipment a long way. It features ergonomic and comfortable shoulder and waist straps and a breathable back system.
• weight: 0.9 kg
• ice axe/walking pole straps, side mesh pocket, 2 front pockets, light weight plastic buckles, reinforced top handle.

Search for lightweight perfection...
Following the original Yeti concept, the Yeti tandem is the result of blending the lightest materials and perfecting the flight characteristics. We searched for new materials and concentrated on small details. The Yeti tandem is made by hand, with each unit assembled by one person, and requires many hours in manufacturing.