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Constitution of the Hawkwind Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Constitution of Hawkwind Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club

1.    Name
The full name of the Club is:
Hawkwind Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.
To be referred to as Hawkwind.
2.    Purpose
2.1.  To act as an affiliated body of SAHPA. Responsible for Hang Gliding & Paragliding within Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas and to liaise with SAHPA and other authorities when necessary to promote the objectives of Hawkwind.

2.2.   To conduct whatever activities may be considered necessary to further the Main Objectives.

3.    Main Objectives
The main objectives of the Hawkwind Club are:
3.1 To popularise, co-ordinate. Develop and administer Hang Gliding and Paragliding in the Eastern Cape.

3.2 To encourage the participation in Hang Gliding and Paragliding irrespective of sex, race or religious denomination.

3.3 To diligently strive for the safe practice of Hang Gliding and Paragliding by Hawkwind members.

3.4 Strive to inform and educate through articles and regular meetings regarding topics of interest and safety.

3.5 To encourage participation in Hang Gliding and Paragliding on a national level.

3.6 To annually recognise Hawkwind members' achievements. (Refer to section)

3.7 To operate in accordance with and abide by the rules and regulations of the South African Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (hereafter referred to as SAHPA) and the Aero Club of South Africa in the interest of paragliding, hang gliding and powered paragliding.

4.    Structure

4.1.    Members of the Committee
4. 1.1. The Committee will consist of:
A Chairman
A Co-Chairman (if deemed necessary)
A 5ecretary
A Treasurer
A Licensing & Safety Officer (Hang Gliding if deemed necessary)
A Licensing & Safety Officer (Paragliding)
A XC League/Competition Officer,
And any other portfolio as declared necessary by the Committee from time to time.

4.1.2. The Chairman and Co-Chairman (if deemed necessary) must be of different flying sports, one must be a paraglider and the other a hanglider.

4.1.3. The Committee will meet at least 6 times during each Club Year, and will be responsible for furthering the objectives of Hawkwind.

4.1.4. Any member of the Committee may be expelled from the Committee permanently or temporarily. Such expulsion being approved by two- thirds majority vote at a meeting of the Committee, provided that a written motion of expulsion duty signed by the proposer and the seconder was tabled at a prior meeting and brought to the attention of the member to be expelled by any of the recognised means.

4.1.5. Notice of the Committee meetings shall be conveyed to each Committee member at least 7 days prior to the meeting by any of the recognised means.

4.1.6. Each member of the Committee will carry one vote with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a voting tie.

4.1.7. The quorum for meetings of the Committee will be 50% of the Committee members, and no business shall be transacted at any Committee meeting unless the requisite quorum is present at the commencement of the meeting.

4.1.8. Should any question arise which is not provided for by these Articles or is not clear in these Articles, the Committee shall have the final right to interpret these Articles and the power to determine the matter, but may, in its sale discretion, refer the matter to SAHPA for advice.


4.2.1. The committee will be responsible for:
- Executing policies of Hawkwind.

4.2.2. Election of committee members shall be by a majority vote of current paid-up Hawkwind members (members in good standing).

4.2.3. Should any vacancy occur on the Committee, by resignation or otherwise a meeting of the Committee may be convened to fill the vacancy.

4.2.4. The members of Hawkwind, and of the Committee, as well as all officers and officials for the time being of Hawkwind shall be indemnified and secured harmless out of the assets and profits of Hawkwind from and against all actions, costs, charges, losses, damages and expenses which they or any of them shall or may incur or sustain by reason of any act done, concurred in or omitted in good faith, in or about the execution of their respective duty or supposed duty in their respective offices or trusts, except such, if any, as they default respectively, and none of them shall be answerable for acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of the others of them or for joining in any receipts for the sake of conformity or to any bankers or other persons with who any moneys or effects belonging to Hawkwind shall or may be lodged or deposited for safe custody or for insufficiency or deficiency of any security upon which any money of or belonging to Hawkwind shall be placed out or invested or for any loss, misfortune or damage which may happen in the execution of their respective offices or trusts or in relation thereto, unless the same shall happen by or through their own wilful neglect or default respectively.

5. Election Procedure

5.1. The Committee shall hold office from its formal confirmation at an Annual General Meeting until the commencement of the following Annual General Meeting. Members of the Committee must be current paid up members of Hawkwind.

5.2. Nominations for Committee members shall be called for at the Annual General Meeting.

5.3. Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless otherwise requested and seconded by current paid up members.

5.4. Only current paid up members may vote in any election for the Committee. The Treasurer of the Committee shall determine which members have paid current subscriptions and are therefore eligible to vote.

5.5 A member may appoint a proxy. This should be done in writing and presented to the Chairman before the meeting.

5.6 The convenor shall call a meeting of the Committee as soon as is practicable but not later than (30) days after the Annual General Meeting.

6. Membership
6.1. Membership structure

Hawkwind will have the following types of members:
6.1.1 Full member
6.1.2 Family member
6.1.3 Country member
6.1.4 Student Member (Full time)
6.1.5 Honorary Member
6.2. Membership eligibility and requirements:
6.2.1 Membership shall be open to all persons, regardless of race, sex or creed.

6.2.2 Full Members shall: On entry to Hawkwind pay the prescribed entry fees and thereafter annually pay the required annual membership fees as laid down by Hawkwind. Agree to uphold and foster the objectives of Hawkwind and abide by the conditions of this Constitution.

6.2.3 A Family Member:
Is a member who is related to and resides with a Full Member.

6.2.4 A Country Member:
Is a member that resides outside the 50 km radius of Port Elizabeth?

6.2.5 A Student Member:
Is a member that is registered at a tertiary institution on a full time basis.

6.2.6 A Honorary Member.
Honorary members shall be individual persons on whom this honour is bestowed at the discretion of the Committee.

6.3 New Member (Membership structure)
Any member not renewing their annual subscription within 6 months of the due date will forfeit their membership, and terminate or shall cease all Hawkwind privileges. A new membership application procedure must normally be followed to rejoin. Prior application for exception may be applied for in writing to the Committee.

6.4 Any member of Hawkwind may be expelled from Hawkwind having all membership privileges curtailed temporarily or permanently, such action being approved by a majority of the Hawkwind Committee provided that a written motion of expulsion duly signed by the proposer and seconder is tabled at prior meeting.

6.5 New membership application:

-       New membership application form to be completed.
-       New membership applications will be reviewed at a quorum Committee meeting on approval. Approval will require a majority vote.
-       Membership records will be kept by the Secretary and/or Treasurer.
-       The address and/or e-mail address given in the membership application form shall be the service address for any notice to be given in terms of the constitution.

7. Fees

7.1 The Committee of Hawkwind will from time to time fix the membership fees to be paid by the members.

7.2 Honorary members will pay no membership fees.

8. Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting

8. 1 Hawkwind shall hold an Annual General Meeting, the date to be at the discretion of the Committee.

8.2 A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee, Alternatively. a Special General Meeting shall be convened should a third of the members requisition such a meeting by signing a written request to that effect and submitting it to the Chairman of the Committee, whose duty it will be to call a Special General Meeting, such meeting to be held within forty five (45) days of the Chairman of the Committee having received the said notice.

8.3 A notice of the meeting showing date, place and time of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting will be sent by post .e-mail or hand delivered to all eligible attendees 14 days before the meeting, along with the agenda for the meeting. Where it is the intention to propose a resolution as a special resolution, the terms and effect of the resolution and the reasons for it shall be stated in the notice of the meeting. The accidental omission to give notice of any resolution passed at. Such meeting shall not void same.

8.4 All paid up members and honorary members of Hawkwind will be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, each being entitled to vote and each carrying one vote, with the Chairman having the casting vote in the event of a voting tie.

8.5 The quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall be 40 per cent of the members, present in person, and no business shall be transacted at any General Meeting, unless the requisite quorum is present at the commencement of the meeting.

8.6 The Chairman of the Committee shall take the chair at every Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. If the Chairman is not present within fifteen minutes of the time appointed for the commencement of such meeting, or, if present, is unwilling to act, then the members of the Committee present may choose a Chairman for the meeting.

8.7 If at the expiration of thirty minutes from the time appointed for the commencement of an Annual or Special General Meeting a quorum is not present the Meeting shall be dissolved. Notice in terms of the constitution shall be given again for a subsequent Annual or Special General Meeting.

6.9 At the Annual General Meeting
-       The Chairman will present an annual report on the activities of Hawkwind.
-       The Treasurer will present a financial summary of Hawkwind for the year ended.

9. Printed Documentation and Logo identification

The Committee will approve from time to time visual identity selected for Hawkwind.
10. Income

The income and property of Hawkwind, however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of Hawkwind and no portion of such income or property shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of a dividend, bonus or any other means, to the members of Hawkwind. However, payment in good faith may be made to any member of Hawkwind in return for any services actually rendered to Hawkwind.

11. Politics

Hawkwind will be non-political and no member of Hawkwind may use his/her Hawkwind affiliation to further any political objective.

12. Activity and Financial Year & Achievement Year

12.1 Hawkwind will have a club year which:
-       Will start on the day after the Annual general Meeting of Hawkwind and close on the day of the next Annual General Meeting.
-       Will be the period for which elected Committee members of Hawkwind will serve.
-       Will be the period covered by the annual reports of the Chairman and officers.
12.2Hawkwind will have a financial year which:
-     will be the 12 months to the 30 June each year.

12.3 Hawkwind will have an Achievement year which:
-       Will start on the day after the Annual general Meeting of Hawkwind and close two weeks before the day of the next Annual General Meeting.

13. Liability

13.1 Hawkwind shall not be liable to any member for any act or commission by another member, or by the Committee, and is indemnified against any claim of whatsoever nature for injury sustained to any person or property as a result of a member's activities.

14. Winding Up

14.1 In the event of Hawkwind being wound up, any assets remaining after all liabilities have been settled, will be transferred to an organisation with similar objectives to that of Hawkwind, or alternatively to SAHPA.

14.2 A resolution to wind up Hawkwind may only be considered at a Special general Meeting called specifically for that purpose, and such a Special General Meeting may only be held provided that:
-       A two-thirds majority vote in favour of holding a Special General Meeting to consider the winding up action was passed at a meeting of the Committee. Held not less than 60 days in advance of the said Special General Meeting.
-       The Chairman of SAHPA is informed in writing of the intended Special General Meeting, at least 45 days in advance of the date of the Special General Meeting, at which the winding up action is to be considered.