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The original Genie Race has proved to be a highly successful XC and competition harness. Gin Seok Song and his R&D team have made several refinements of the original to produce the 2nd generation of the Genie Race, a harness designed to meet the highest standards of the most demanding pilots - the Genie Race is the harness used by GIN test pilots during the development of high performance paragliders.
2 versions available:
> Ronstan pulleys + carbon plate
> Harken pulleys + wooden plate

> 2 strap automatic buckles: safety getup system
> Under-seat rescue container
> Delivered with new GinSoft R 14cm back protection, LTF certified
> Delivered with 30mm GIN carabiners
> Delivered with Flight Deck Race (10 L. ballast)
> Delivered with Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF)
> Delivered with carbon plate / wooden plate
> Delivered with speed vest
> Delivered with 3 step speed bar, lines and Brummel hooks & rubber strings to fix the speed bar
> Certified EN-LTF

The Genie Race is suitable for experienced pilots flying cross country or in competition.
The Genie Race is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. The elegant design focuses on simplicity, eliminating the need for complicated adjustments.
The overall geometry of the harness enables the pilot to feel the feedback from the glider sensitively, whilst retaining a secure feeling in flight. This increases the precision of turns while thermalling and aids active flying. On long flights, the comfort of the Genie Race is second to none.
Leg and chest straps are integrated into the "Get-up system" to prevent the pilot from falling out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg straps.
Safety has also been improved by optimizing the position of the back protection. The rear pocket has been moved upwards, offering protection for the pilot in case he accidentally falls on his back.
The angle of the cocoon can easily be adjusted in relation to the wing's angle of attack by the 4 attached straps.
The Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF system) helps to minimize drag, and it also enhances stability during flight.
The removable Neoprene speed vest reduces drag and helps keep you warm during your flight.
The speed system works through a large ball-bearing auto lock pulley (Ronstan® RF56511) that offers a huge advantage when using the speed bar. It reduces the force required to maintain accelerated flight, reduces wear when used often, and also reduces pilot fatigue during long flights.
You will find extra storage space under the seat plate. This space gives you the possibility to store 2 litres of extra ballast or an emergency kit.
The main webbing used on the Genie Race 2 is made from Dyneema that is both stronger and lighter than the conventional webbing used in most harnesses.
The ballast container can be emptied during flight through the large hole that is covered with a flap on the side when not in use.


- 175 cm
170 cm - 185 cm
180 cm +
The height information in the table is for reference only.


Weight with carabiners, 3 step speed bar, Flight Deck Race, carbon plate but without back protection; the GINsoft R weights 600g.

Height of main attachment